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How much does delivery cost?

The delivery for catering delivery zone is $20 flat.

What is the area of the delivery zone?

We do delivery to the area code starts with: L7L, L7N, L7M, L7P, L7R, L7S, L7T, L6H, L6J, L6K, L6L, L6M, L4W, L4X, L4Y, L4Z, L5R, L5A, L5B, L5C, L5K, L5L, L5E, L5G, L5H, L5J, L5M, L5N, L5W, L5V, L6V, L6W, L6X, L6Y, L6Z, L7A, L6P, L6R, L6S, L6T, M6S, M8W, M8X, M9A, M9B, M8Y, M8Z, M8V, M9C, M9L, M9M, M9N, M9P, M9R, M9V, M9W, M6A, M6B, M6C, M6E, M6G, M6H, M6L, M6M, M6N, M6P, M2H, M2J, M2K, M2L, M2N, M2N, M2P, M2R, M3A, M3B, M3C, M3H, M4G, M4H, M4N, M4P, M4R, M5P, M4S, M4T, M4V, M5M, M5N, M4C, M4E, M4J, M4K, M4L, M4M, M1B, M1S, M1T, M1W, M1V, M1X, M1J, M1K, M1L, M1M, M1N, M1P, M1R, M4A, M4B, M1C, M1E, M1G, M1H, L3R, L3P, L3S, L6B, L6E, L3T, L4J, L3X, L4G, L4B, L4C, L4S, L4E, L4H, L4L, L4K, L6A